What Is The Snowman Village Kids Shopping Experience


Have you ever heard of a “Santa’s Workshop” where kids go and buy mom & dad gifts and brother & sister gifts, and just gifts for everyone?

Well, Snowman Village is Santa’s Workshop on steroids!

Snowman Village is a 1 day sale that visits Elementary Schools throughout West Texas.

We bring a huge selection of gifts for your lil shoppers to choose from.  There are items from 25 cents all the way up to $12.  There is something for Everyone!!

Snowman Village is a fundraiser for the school, a gift shop for the kids, a learning environment for all, and most importantly –
It is just FUN!

Want to Get Involved? Host Snowman Village at your School! It is really easy

  • No Cost to the School
  • No Merchandise to Count
  • No Shelves to Stock
  • No Cash Registers to Run
  • No Staff Required
  • No Week Long Sale

PLUS – The participating school receives discounts on rentals from Spoil Me Rotten Party & Event Rentals of Lubbock

Here are all the details in PDF format

About Snowman VIllage – Click to Open
Sometimes – No is a Good Thing – Click to Open
Snowman Village Contract – Click to Open
School Discount Offer – Click to Open